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Intco Medical won the ESG Practice Model Award in the 12th Public Welfare Festival


On December 28, the 12th Public Welfare Festival and 2022 CSR Carnival opened in Shanghai, which is the first festival named “Public Welfare” initiated by mass media in China and has become one of the most influential public welfare events in the field of public welfare and charity in China. Intco Medical was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the festival.

In this competition, Intco Medical was awarded the “2022 ESG Practice Model Award” for its outstanding performance in ESG fields such as green environment, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. It is understood that there are twenty-four categories of awards in this year’s Public Service Festival. In addition to the permanent awards, the ESG Exemplary Practice Award and the Double Carbon Action Contribution Award have been added this year to pay tribute to outstanding organizations and brands that contribute to the double carbon goal.


Green and Efficient

Leading sustainable development with ESG concept

Adhering to the concept of sustainable development and using ESG to help high quality development has become the consensus of enterprises on the road to high quality development.

Intco Medical is a high-tech manufacturing enterprise in the R&D, production and marketing of medical consumables and devices. With an annualized production capacity of 75 billion disposable gloves, Intco Medical has become the largest high-end disposable glove manufacturer in China and a global leader. in June 2022, Intco Medical disclosed its 2021 Annual Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Report, the first disposable glove manufacturer in China to actively disclose its ESG report.

Intco Medical has established a sound ESG internal system and management structure, which contains eight elements: safety production, product quality, environmental protection, resource conservation, employee rights and interests, employment promotion, social charity, and business ethics, and comprehensively promotes the deep integration of ESG with corporate operation. Under the guidance of ESG framework, Intco Medical takes active measures in the whole production process to respond to the national goal of “double carbon” and build an environment-friendly enterprise; actively participates in social welfare projects such as epidemic prevention, disaster relief, helping the disabled, and helping students; continuously improves and enhances the quality of listed companies, forms a sound, effective and transparent governance system, and aims to build a world We will continue to improve and enhance the quality of the listed company, form a sound, effective and transparent governance system, and move towards the goal of becoming a world-class high-tech manufacturer of medical consumables and devices.


Business for good, practice altruism 

The new era gives a new mission. The history of the growth of countless enterprises shows that only enterprises that bear social responsibility and are enthusiastic about public welfare can grow into “century-old stores” and first-class enterprises with a long history.

In the first half of 2022, the new crown epidemic repeatedly and aggressively, bringing huge pressure and test of prevention and control. As a medical health enterprise, Intco Medical has always been in the forefront. Knowing that there was a huge shortage of epidemic prevention materials in many places in Henan, Zibo, Huaibei and Shanghai, we gathered the front-line strength of each base, mobilized gloves, masks, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials for donation, and fully supported the anti-epidemic work.

In addition to fighting against epidemic, Intco Medical has paid attention to various public welfare activities and shown its sense of responsibility and corporate responsibility in many public welfare and charity fields. Since its establishment, Intco Medical has carried out many activities such as product donation and cash donation for schools, nursing homes and disabled people.

In recent years, Intco Medical has taken the initiative to launch the “City of Stars” autistic children’s care program, providing relief money for the treatment and rehabilitation of autistic children. In recent years, Intco Medical has taken the initiative to launch the “City of Stars” autistic children care program, providing relief funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of children with autism; participating in the construction of the Hope Library to build a good learning platform for children; donating masks, gloves, hand-free disinfectant gel and other protective supplies for elementary school in many places in the school season to take care of the health of teachers and students.

The award of “ESG Practice of the Year Award” shows that Intco Medical has started a new stage of high-quality development led by ESG framework standards. At the time of the change of one year, it is most appropriate to look forward to the future. Intco Medical will insist on the synergy between corporate development and social responsibility, firmly give back to the society with practical actions, actively participate in public welfare and charity, do its best to feed the society and contribute to the realization of people’s good life.